Software engineer

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Seasoned Software Engineer with over 10 years of expertise in software development(backend, frontend, devops, mobile, desktop). Focusing on finding right solutions to solve real business problems within given constraints. Out-of-the box thinking. Team player. High communication skills. Inspired by sharing knowledge and helping others grow along the way.


Touro College (Moscow, Russia)
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science



Educational Leaders Institute, JAFI
Courses for children camp counselors


MASA Israel Journey
Extreme Surfing






Russian — native

English — fluent

Herbew — good enough




Senior Fullstack engineer  | Shopify


As part of growth team wokred on a ai-based user personalised onboarding funnel using Ruby-on-Rails and React. Implemented A/B testing experiments increasing lead-to-customer rate

Architecture of admin demo experience from scratch with all the complexities of existing enourmous ecosystem(building tech design, leading engeenring research, implementing POCs, alignign with stakeholders)

Taking part in company mentorship program where was helping non-engineer employees to make progress in web development


Senior Fullstack engineer  | Track160


Leading development of desktop app for recording video from football field cameras, using electron, react and capturing video with ffmpeg and uploading files using s3 api. Experience wokring with video: delivery, ingest, restreaming, video processing with ffmpeg.

Building complex multi-part architecture and implementing integrations between different parts of the distributed system. Moving infrastructure to the cloud. Improving webapp perfomance optimizing wokring with large data in the browser. NodeJS, Vue, React, bash, powershell.


Lead Frontend Developer  |

Leading small team of frontend engineers developing integration of 3d models from sketchfab with web interfaces on React. Worked on several customer projects showcasing products on websites with integrating 3d models. Implemented workflows and tools(js library, react components) to optimize development lifecycle for others devs.


Lead backend developer  | trucknet ltd

trucknet ltd

Responsible for company backend development using nodejs and mongodb. Implementing microservices architecture. Javascipt/Typescript. Building mobile app with react-native.

Helped junior developers to work on frontend/backend projects and to improve their skills.

Integration with Salesforce CRM, using API and their own language java based language Apex.


Fullstack development from scratch(contractor)  | lookfinder


Fullstack application for aggregation of beauty salons(airbnb for beauty industry)

Frontend: nextjs, flow, react, redux, recompose,, glamor. Backend: parse-server, mongodb, zeit now(now vercel), gitlab-ci.


Fullstack development from scratch(contractor)  |

Developed a CRM system for a big cleaning company. Functionality: order lifecycle, managing orders, call center processing.

Stack: django, django-rest-framework, react, bootstap.


CTO  |

Responsible for creating and supporting all web projects of a digital design agency. Collaborated closely with ui/ux designers on every step of the project development. Through this close collaboration sharpened my own skills and taste.

Implemented services, strategies and techniques to automate similar processes for different projects(e.g. deployment, shared functionality, etc).

Build custom CRM using python django for company websites

Worked on a unified component design system for company websites.

Responsible for hiring tech staff.


Fullstack development from scratch(contractor)  |

Developed and supported social network/CRM system for managing events and participants of one of the world's largest student Jewish organization. Using django, react, docker, docker-compose, gitlabci, yandex cloud.

Implemented achievement system for participants with a market to spend achievement points. Build from scratch event check-in system using barcode scanners on sites.

Developed own Email/Sms delivery services based on local vendors' service APIs.


Team Lead  |

Leading all phases of building a new product from scratch - a dating app with a focus on travel and a new aggregator cafes and restaurants in Moscow.

Responsible for hiring and managing a new team for a startup company.

Backend: python, flask, mongodb. Frontend: backbonejs, coffeescript, sass, gulp.

As a team of young enthusiasts, we also started to experiment with things considered relatively new back then e.g. docker, golang, spa.


Fullstack developer  | ARM Internet Solutions

ARM Internet Solutions

Worked on several company startups. Helped a senior developer to build .NET projects. Then switched to frontend for this projects and focused on frontend more.

Started a new project there a big ecommerce aggregator of industrial supplies build with bootstrap, html/css, django, postgres.


Junior Software Developer  | ООО «Культурная служба»

ООО «Культурная служба»

Started my developer's career here. At first worked on new features and supportinng a custom CRM/backoffice platform build with python, pylons framework. Than started to work on fullstack features for company new website. Backend: java, play framework, frontend: html/js/css.